Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear blog, I'm sorry I've neglected you. I'll make our relationship work, I promise. Love, Mackenzie

I'm sorry everyone that I haven't updated in awhile, I've been busy with school and yadda yadda like that.
I got stressed to the point that I started nibbling at my nails, bleh. I have little nubs again :/ But, I'm working on making sure that doesn't happen again, I just have to file them down more haha.
But anyway, I stopped in at CVS for 100% acetone and they'll occasionally have some Sally Hansen polish for 75% off. I found two that I like and only paid .75 for them :]
So, here's Sally Hansen's X-Treme Wear #32 Pink Boa with a layer of Sinful's Pearl Harbor, several (3? 4?) layers of Sinful's Frenzy, THEN a layer of Sally's #40, Purple Pizzazz. I threw on a layer of SV, and viola!

I also had China Glaze's 2Nite on a few days ago. Which, is EASILY my favorite polish EVER.It's almost a shame to use it. It's like killing a unicorn... with, like, a bomb. (shameless Pineapple Express quote)

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