Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mega Upload

I have sooooooo much to say that this'll probably be the longest post ever. But oh well.
First off, I FINALLYYYYYYYYYY got my Zoya's in the mail the other day. I ran/skipped down my dorm hallway to get my package.
And here they are! I ordered Richelle, Ivanka and Laney.

I'll upload some swatches later on.
Also, I ventured to Sally's in search of a yellow. I have a bright, blinding, highlighter yellow, but nothing else. So, I picked up Orly's Spark.

However, as I was pulling away from the plaza that Sally's is in, a banner in a shop down the plaza caught my eye. And it reads, no joke:
"Coming soon! ULTA BEAUTY"
No joke, this will become a dangerous plaza for me. Here's a horrible rendition of the proximity of these two stores. Sally's in circled in pink, Ulta in blue.

Especially because a bus goes from my dorm to this very plaza. Oh dear lord, I'm in trouble.
Finally, I did a quick and dirty Konad:

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