Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today's haul and my new toys

I got my 25-piece image plate set in the mail yesterday and I played around with it a bit. I also braved the snow that's hitting Michigan and got a purple and a black from Target.

NYC's Prince Street. This is about 2-3 coats

Sinful Colors' Black on Black pattern (which name is escaping me right now)
I want to go back to my dorm, I've got a Zoya package waiting for me there plus a catalog.


  1. Do you find this stamp very difficult to use!? I love the design but have suchhh a hard time using it!

  2. A tad bit. I'm really new when it comes to using the konad stamps. You just have to be quick in between scraping the excess polish off and stamping it. The only problem I have is that the entire pattern is smaller than the width of my nail so it doesn't cover it entirely. Once you get the rhythm of it, it gets a lot easier. :]

  3. Lovely purple! The design is great :)